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Mountain Flyers, Inc. is a flying club formed in 1959 to cultivate camaraderie among aviators, extol the joy of flight, and to provide the resources for anyone with the interest, to become a pilot and advance as their skills increase.  Our name “Mountain Flyers, Inc. has been referred to as the “Mountain Flyers Flying Club”.  With the use of the internet our domain name is  For purposes of this document we will be referred to as the MtnFlyers.

The MtnFlyers is a growing group of men and women who have found themselves caught up in the thrilling realm of aviation. We have come together to enjoy the personal satisfaction of learning new skills, mastering skills already acquired, and making friends who share our love of all things that fly. Naturally, the availability of airplanes and instructors is a part of that. With activities and special events aimed at bringing club members and the public together in aeronautical settings, the MtnFlyers is dedicated to providing high quality aircraft to our members at affordable rates.

Currently the MtnFlyers fleet consists of four aircraft - two Cessna Skyhawks (172’s); our most recent purchase of Skylane N58807 on October 9, 2011 gives us two Cessna Skylanes (182’s).


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 Our Fleet of Aircraft

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MtnFlyers provides introductory "demo" flights to anyone interested in flying. For only $49 we'll put you in the left seat with a certified flight instructor and let you fly the airplane. WHAT BETTER WAY TO DECIDE IF FLYING IS FOR YOU?

Contact our Membership Cordinator Rocky Flemming at 828-206-0394.

Tail No.

Make Model




Cessna 182P




Cessna 172K




Cessna 172N




Cessna 182Q



Our aircraft flight fees are WET Hobbs time. This means that the fuel and oil is included in the per hour rate.  Due to fluctuation in aviation fuel costs, a fuel surcharge is added (or subtracted).

Board and Club Meetings

Club Meetings:
Board meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the 2nd Monday of each month at Landmark Aviation in the upstairs conference room.  All are welcome.  We discuss current issues and plans for the club. This is an ideal time to listen, learn and communicate your ideas.  A little hangar flying is not beyond the realm of possibility. 

MtnFlyers Base:  Asheville, North Carolina Regional Airport

Radio Frequencies:

  o Tower: 121.1
  o Ground: 121.9
  o Atlanta Center:
  o ATIS: 120.2
  o ASOS:
  o Unicom: 122.95
IMG_3602_AVL Airport_1

IMG_2942_Looking Glass Rock_1

Looking Glass Rock

Photo by Claudia Andrus

Approach and Navigation Facilities:

  o Airport Identifier: KAVL
Asheville Regional
     Approach: 124.65/125.8
  o Raleigh Flight Service:
  o ILS 34 or LOC: 110.5
  o ILS 16 or LOC: 110.9
     LOM: 357
  o RNAV GPS RW 16
  o RNAV GPS RW 34